Our Values

As attorneys, we are committed to the interests of our clients. But it is also part of our firm’s culture to care about the social and ecological problems of our time. We aim to provide not only legal services, but also a positive impact on society.

This means that we maintain respectful relationships with colleagues who represent the interests of other clients. We stand for fair play.

But this also means that we make active contributions to the community and the environment.

We support the Berliner Stadtmission with donations as well as through active volunteer work by our lawyers in the emergency overnight accommodation facility at the Containerbahnhof in Berlin.

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint. In this context, in particular business travels are an issue. According to our travel policy, we book domestic flights only in exceptional cases. Moreover, all our business flights are compensated by donations to atmosfair climate protection projects in accordance with atmosfair’s strict offsetting standards.